External.Form.Treasury.IBAM Calculator - Slider
  • Account management
  • Steps for account opening/editing/closure:
  • Signatory additions and removals
  • FBAR
  • Bank fee analysis
  • Bank analysis meeting
    • Internal audit reporting

    General Information

    ION Assumptions

    Open, edit, close, services, ownership change Agreed
    Add, remove, change status, authority limits, name change, job title, authority group, FBAR status Agreed
    Number of people who are required to report in terms of FinCEN114, FACTA
    Meetings with banking partners to review the relationship, services and fees.
    Number of banks the company wants to analyze and how many times per year.
    Total of all bank charges across all banks and accounts
    How often the audit department requires reporting on bank account related compliance reporting. (e.g. SOX)
    Salary and other costs like training, conferences, professional memberships etc